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Digital Advertising AD FRAUD – Know it, Fight it, and Prevent it

Digital marketing is the spirit of today’s domain literally and figuratively. That is why advertising through various digital platforms has become the top priority of any brand. The revenue generated from digital advertising market worldwide amounts to $266,238 million, huge, isn’t it? However, any brand that markets itself via the internet today, faces ad frauds of various types. In 2017, ad fraud accounted to $14 billion which is expected to escalate at a speedy rate by 2020 – $44 billion. In fact, according to a report into a programmatic in-house trend 2017, more than 60% of advertisers struggle to control their exposure to ad frauds and non-brand safety inventory.” Even Google has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to ad frauds. Therefore, big companies and brands know the fraudulent effect of display impressions and video ads.

What is the furor all about?

The online advertising ceiling knows no horizon and the money it implicates cannot be ignored as well. This is the only motivation that fraudsters and hackers need in order to create technology that aids them in stealing money from advertisers. Ad fraud when simply put means a scam run by triggermen to mislead the advertiser to pay for something bogus – fake leads, false traffic, and phony ad placement. A research stated; fraudsters are successful in stealing money in billions from big brands.

Impeding Facebook Ad Frauds:

Every company is now targeting the social media platforms to connect with people and Facebook is one of those. However, the bigger the platform, more the chances of fraudulent ordeals. The doable solution to Facebook ad frauds is filtering the data all by yourself. Keep an eye on definite actions from specific people. Trace down their ad click time and how long they spend on the ad. By doing so, you will have an idea about where is the fake traffic generating from. Remember, ad frauds can be minimized easily by marketing geographically.

Are Instagram Influencers Worth Relying Upon?

Instagram is another major digital platform wherein brands advertise themselves is. Usually, the Instagram fallacy people live in is having a maximum number of followers to an account. More the followers, more legit is the account and details provided in it. This is how influences are playing their game. The authenticity of an advertisement does not come from the number of followers as Instagram bots can provide fake likes, comments, and followers. Hence, hire an influencer for your brand who does not use a bot to advertise your product.  

The Operable Solution!

There is nothing in this world that would stop fraudsters from exploiting the ad industry. Therefore, marketers and advertisers need new means of keeping them at bay. Here are some ways that will help brands fight this war together.

Content Solution: marketing whirls around the tales of words you put online. Wordplay is the only medium which creates a story for your brand like none other. Ensure, you know what keywords to use in order to generate authentic leads and website traffic. If traffic, leads, and conversions do not align, reboot your advertising channel.

Audience Segmentation: running advertisements on various digital platforms is all about targeting the right audience. Therefore, the better you know your audience, the better you can make your digital campaigns work in your favor.   

Measure Conversions: what good is any advertisement doing to your business if it is not generating money out of it? Follow the conversion metrics rather than the number of clicks. It is not difficult to generate a higher number of clicks on an ad with bot traffic.

To Conclude:

It is the advertisers and end users who are more affected by ad frauds at the end of the day. Thereupon, dig into the issue and safeguard the trust your brand has built with the ultimate users to protect it from ad frauds.

Mahima Chawla

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