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Are You Doing Everything to Market Your Business Online? Maybe or Maybe Not!

Are you someone who does not believe in Email Marketing Anymore? Are you tired of creating emails and not getting any great response? Well, if you have quit email marketing or is about to quit then ensure you know these facts about your targeted audience:

  • Around the globe, the first thing that most of the people do is check their mailbox and fortunately, there is a day in a week that perfectly fits for an email day – According to a study, Tuesdays are the best days for shooting emails in the inbox.
  • Do you think email marketing is not the center of your business? If yes, then think it over! More than¬†90% of people check their email inbox at least once in a day.
  • More than 50% of brands have claimed that their result via email marketing has increased when they used emoticons in their subjects and taglines.

As compared to any other marketing channel, email marketing has been proven to be the most effective till today. According to another report, more than 65% of online customers end up purchasing something because of the effect of email marketing.

If you are someone who believes that social media alone has been a game changer for your business then think twice! Whether is it about marketing or about outreach, email marketing has been the most effective one amongst all the marketing options available today.

In fact, the SEO, Content, and Advertising industries need to figure out ways in which the email marketing can become more productive and result-oriented than ever before.

Fortunately, there are always two sides to a coin. Relying completely on email marketing will not be able to do justice to an individual or for that matter any business. To make yourself known in the eyes of the audience, you need to have a perfect marketing mix strategy.

The marketing strategies are changing every moment making the best thing obsolete in the future. Same is the case when it is about online advertising. New trends are being introduced in the digital world making things clearer, quicker, and effective.

How Online Advertising Impacts The Business?

Online advertising is the new face of the business world known by various names like internet advertising and online marketing. Below are some benefits of online advertising. Give these a read in case you do not know what wonders can it create for your business.

  • Today, everyone owns at least one gadget – from laptop to a mobile phone, everyone is connected via the internet across the world. This is a sign of a rapid increase in online advertising. Technology has connected people and businesses from various parts of the world and made things more accessible and transparent for any consumer.
  • Even if you follow an organic advertising analogy, the internet aids in attracting your audience on a global platform. You just need to figure out the USP of your business. Once, that is done, whether you follow the paid advertising strategy or not, business will flourish. ¬†Remember, the trick here is you should know how to persuade online customers.
  • Online advertising helps in attracting the customer of your kind. We have heard it most of the time that any kind of customer is a great news, however, with the help of online advertising, you attract only those customers who are really interested in your brand and share the same synergy with your business the way you do.

When these two are combined effectively only then the pinnacle of success can be attained!

Mahima Chawla

We are a digital agency that offers best-in class design, development, and digital marketing services to our clients. We work in a digital shell to shape our clients businesses on various online platforms. We build digital solution to ensure capturing the present virtual audiences and attracting new customers by positioning digital visibility for stellar brands with our imaginative flair and turning these magnificent online numbers into profits. We are a digital orbit of young minds, who love to ignite digital solutions for our clients by executing marketing strategies to procure business objectives.

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