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Content Marketing is The Social and Digital Communication King – 2019 Trends are Building Brands Digitally

Content is the focal point in marketing. With technology, the quality and the way we use content is also changing. Master the art of content in 2019 and build a firm content strategy for your brand.

Content is the pivot point of the social and online world. With the everchanging technological realm, marketers are becoming more keen to understand how to use the science of content. Every brand, in the competitive sphere, does not want to miss any opportunity to grab the attention span of the audience with the magic of words.

Content is the connecting thread between any brand and its audience. It can act as leverage for brands to increase their sales numbers but only if they know how to build human connections and maintain them instead of just figuring out how to increase the selling numbers. Consumer attention is the benchmark for the social, digital and mobile realm and quality content is the only way to hit that attention.  

According to Altimeter’s 2018 State of Digital Content –

Digital Content Marketing
Growth in Content Marketing
  • 41 % of companies can tie revenue impact directly to content.
  • Instead of views, companies are measuring content success with metrics such as interactions (30%) and efficiency/cost savings (23%).  
  • Visual content like short-form videos (52%) and images (51%) were the top performing content formats, rated as more engaging than blog posts, whitepapers or podcasts.
  • 42% of companies can create personalized content based on customer data but only 38 percent of them can deliver it in real-time based on actions.
  • Product-focused content (29%) outperformed all other content archetypes, including thought leadership, brand-focused content, company-focused content, and user-generated content, especially in Europe and China.
  • The biggest challenges for content teams are people related, with respondents identifying team alignment (24%) and hiring the right skills (17%) as top challenges.

Therefore, content is the king of brands today and which is not restricted to just marketing anymore. Here are some amazing content marketing insights to build your brand-customer connection in 2019.

Reach VS Interaction:

In the year 2016, a survey stated, “reach (37%) and engagement (36%) were the only two popular ways to measure the results of content marketing”. In 2018, clicks, comments, and shares (30%) were the medium to measure the performance of the content instead of reach (12%). The content performance metrics for the year 2019 is Engagement, followed by Efficiency, Conversion, Reach, and Inbound.  Therefore, content is the only medium to reach maximum people and increase customer engagements.

Personalized Content:

Do you know – the purchase intent of customers are attracted only if personally relevant content is created. The only science is, the content needs to be simple, creative, and relevant. Use your imagination or work with a professional content writer or fabricate a digital content marketing strategy to help you reach the final benchmark. A simple message or sharing the details about a product by the founder can also create an everlasting impact – (Steve Jobs and Apple)

Writing is not copying and pasting – it is far beyond the creative dimension. If you are not creating original content then you are not fooling the clients but yourself. With the changing world, the customers are becoming smarter and are not looking for click-based advertisement. They truly want that brands earn their attention with original and creative content. In fact, the Google ranking of a blog, article, and website majorly depends upon the quality of the content.

Weeny Influencers:

The world knows what influencer marketing is and what wonders it can create for any brand. It has indeed become the game changer for businesses in the world. However, it is not clearly understood by marketers and leaders. You do not need a celebrity to be the face of your brand. Do not look beyond – try and fetch someone that showcases your industry or brand well. It can be your own employees, a content marketing agency, a loyal customer, or your brand advocate. Regardless of who the influencer is – what the person is saying and how is he connecting with the audience will simplify the quest of marketing content for your brand.

Influencer marketing is not about buying the face of a famous person but to work in collaboration with the person. Creating high-performance content that will unleash the positive results for a brand for years.

Brand Storytelling:

What better than creative words can build the best brand story. This art cannot be mastered by everyone – creative writers and content strategy agency know that boosting only about themselves by various mediums will not generate exclusive results. The brand story is more about what your brand means and why is it in the business. It is more about what connection do you have with the customers and what experience you provide them. This is totally different from building the brand and bragging about it.

Also, the latest studies have shown that creating content videos, graphics, and podcasts can generate maximum results as compared to blogs/articles.  

Also, user-generated content is more influential than brand content. It has more power regarding making the buying decision than just the brand content as customers, partners, and followers provide more reliable feedback about the product or service.

The touchpoints of any brand storytelling are:

What is the background of a brand and its success?

What are the hardships it has been through?

How did these hardships help build a solid foundation?

What experience did the brand provide to the clients?

If you want your content marketing strategies should create wonders in the 

year 2019 then plan accordingly. Once you know what needs to be done – EXECUTE!


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