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Digital Marketing Helps Startups To Turn Over New Leaf!

Marketing has given the world new goals by changing its pace from last two years. The recent addition done to marketing is the ‘digital marketing’, which has proven to be more effective and less costly as compared to traditional methodologies of marketing. And because of this, many start-ups have linked their businesses to various digital marketing strategies, however, that does not mean every strategy hits the bullseye.

To understand which marketing strategy will work for the business, first, you need to understand the difference between the Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan. people often consider these to be same, however, there is a thin line difference between the two.

Marketing strategy is generally a blueprint, designed according to your business goals and marketing planning is a roadmap for these business goals; it is a detailed structure of plan of action to understand how these marketing strategies will be put to use.

The goals of any business are to attract more customers, invigorate the bond, create brand awareness and finally maximize the profit. Now, these goals are quickly achievable online because of various digital marketing strategies, like; SEO and SMM.

According to Gartner’s Digital Marketing Spend Report, small business houses end-up saving close to 40% of their money and have an accelerating conversion rate of close to 24%.  In fact, this report also stated that 50% of digital market projects and jobs are nowadays outsourced to third parties to generate maximum output.

So, let us dive into the digital marketing strategies that must be followed by any startup company!

  • Website:

The website is a backlink or a tired link to anything you do online. People generally think website development is a layman’s job. Well if you are one of those and your business is not generating enough business online then perhaps, this is one of the reasons and you need to immediately revamp your website. You will agree to the fact that, buyers have gone smarter and choosy. If your website does not deliver what the consumer wants to know, chances are you will end up losing a lot of business. The website should be such which triggers the purchasing power of consumers.

  • Mobile Application:

A mobile application is a handy and a simplified version of your business. More than 67% small business houses have their own mobile application. Developing an application which loads on times, is quick, and easily understandable by the consumers will tend to generate a lot of revenue as compared to companies who either do not have an application or if they have, the loading time is longer, it is a bit complicated, and a little slow. Remember, a right mobile application can boost your annual sales tremendously. It is advisable that, a mobile application developer should keep in mind the UI and UX before designing and developing one for the business.

  • Electronic Mail Marketing (E-mail Marketing) :

In the era where Whatsapp, Messenger, and various other platforms are available to connect with the world, Email has a more significant role to play. According to Demand Metric and the Data & Marketing Association report, the Return on Investment of Email Marketing is 122% which is unbelievable and is four times profitable than any other medium of digital marketing. However, the dark side of email marketing is, if the startups are unable to make wonders from such a big platform then email marketing will not be of any good use to them and that is the reason why most startups do not want to take that risk and outsource their email marketing campaigns.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM):

After Email Marketing, social media tops the list as 90% marketers confirmed that social media has helped in brand recognition and 75% of it says, due to social media marketing they are now able to increase online traffic. In fact, according to a report submitted by Social Media Examiner’s, 90% of marketers admitted that social media is vital for the growth of their business. 

  • 44% of local businesses depend on social media for brand recognition
  • 41% of local businesses depend on social media to generate revenue
  • 50% of marketers have said that their sales have increased by consistently marketing on social media for two years
  • 8% of marketers agree that Facebook provides the best Return on Investment

Facebook messenger is another way of marketing. It is fresh, vibrant, and fruitful as it currently has 1.2 billion active users which are actually 1/6th of the global population. Since 2015, more than 1 billion of messages have been sent on a monthly basis to attract consumers across the globe.

Messenger is a platform where friends, family, and closed ones connect mostly. Messenger ads directly link the marketer and the consumer wherein they can have a quick one-on-one conversation regarding the product and hence, makes an instant decision and aids in generating revenue there and then. Overall, it helps in strengthening customer relationship, brand awareness, and sales conversations which is extremely beneficial for a startup in its early stages.

However, social media marketing also has strings attached to it for better efficiency and amazing results.

  • Content Marketing:

This is not a new way of marketing, yet it is the most wanted way of marketing because wherever you search, anything; from videos to blogs, to GIFs all has content that creates the magic. According to a survey, the content marketing expenditure in the UK will double by the year 2020. Hence, content is the backbone of any business as it drives the consumers to a website. When the content hits your heart only then you share and spread it with the world which finally leads to online traffic generation. Digital marketing is no different from content marketing because, without the presence of content, the digital domain is of no use.

  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

There are two myths linked to SEO, one; SEO is a project and two; SEO is dead. Marshall Simmonds explains it beautifully why SEO is neither a project nor dead. Google has made close to 665 changes in the algorithm during the last year to make sure the websites that do not deserve to be on the Google Search Engine Result Pages are not seen. Therefore, one ought to know the latest and present rules of SEO if he wants to make the maximum use of SEO in his business.

If SEO is not a part of how startups build their business online then it is just going to reach another dead end after few months. It is not necessary that the company owners have to understand the nuances of Penguin, Hummingbird, Panda or Pigeon by themselves but there, must be someone expert who knows how to deal with these updates in the algorithm for the good of the business.


Generally, when companies begin they make product development their sole priority and neglect the importance of brand awareness, content marketing and usage of various social media platform which ultimately affects the business in an adverse way. Remember, your customer first sees and feels your product online then he buys it. To make sure your startup reaches great heights, maintain a balance between these two otherwise, nothing will fall into the right place.   Webhooters.com

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