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Google Swirl 3D ads have opened up a new realm for virtual marketing. Want to know how?

Last year Google rolled out its Beta Test and this year Google made it huge by unleashing the Global Availability of Swirl; giving wings to ad formats to diversify the horizon of the digital interaction domain.

Swirl has the capacity to let the consumers engage with a product in real-time. Exactly the same encounter a customer has in a physical store. They have the power to rotate 360 degrees, zoom, and expand the creative in the ad for a better online understanding of the product.


As per Rashmi Verma, Product Manager, Display & Video 360, Google, “Swirl ads allow brands to illustrate changes in behaviour, new technology performance, unique product features, and more.” 

During this pandemic, consumers are restricted from shopping at physical stores. Thus, giving the online shopping world a new way to reach customers. With Swirl, buying products online will become easier as the customer will have the leverage to connect deeply with the product virtually. 

Google has made the usage of Swirl accessible on any device – from desktops to smartphones. This 3D advertising format is revolutionizing the online marketing world.

Here is a guide on how to add 3D ad Swirl components to your online campaigns: 

  • Go to the component panel and select the Graphics & Effects folder. 
  • Drag the Swirl component to the stage.
  • To open the Swirl editing dialogue, double click on the component. 
  • Go to the Layers panel and select the 3Dmodel layer.
  • In the Properties panel, mention the URL of the 3D asset. This panel also allows you to adjust other properties.
  • Go to the Library panel and add images by clicking on the Import Images button. 
  • Make the additional configuration as per your need. 
  • Once everything is finalized, click on the Save button.

With the introduction of Swirl 3D ad, brands have seen success related to: 

  • Revealing the product features in different brand light
  • Promoting brand awareness
  • Enhancing engagement
  • Delivering awesome mobile experience to customers
  • Uncovering new levels of gamification 
  • Expanding the scope of brand messaging
  • Increasing the brand reach


Brands today have everything they need to reach the right audience virtually. However, an organization that can sync the energy between technology and advertising will be able to deliver what the brand needs with precision. Get in touch with WebHooters, to comprehend your new brand marketing strategy that revolves around Swirl 3D. Who better than the ‘best marketing agencyaccording to Clutch can cater to your advertising needs the way you want.

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