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Here is All You Need to Know About Google June 2019 Core Algorithm Update

Once again Google has opened a new window for quality update sites and a lot of people are trying to signify the importance of why this exploration now? Google has always taken the theory of evolution or death extremely seriously. Every year, Google commits to make several changes to search. In fact, in 2018, “they cited incredible 3,234 updates. An average of almost 9 updates per day.” Here is where you will get all your answers for Google June 2019 Core Algorithm Update. Almost a month from the announcement, this update has affected the ranking of the following websites in various ways: 

  • Health Websites
  • E-commerce Websites
  • News Websites 
  • Cryptocurrency Sites 

Diversity Update and Its Major Effects: 

Google knows diversity helps in managing a better search for the audience. To give their audience what they want, Google made sure that top-ranked pages on Google do not have more than two listings from the same website. This has been a constant issue for a long time and now Google has given a feasible solution for the same. However, in various cases, where the search query needs more than two results from the same website, Google will not interfere. 

This announcement was made from the official Twitter account of Google. The assumptions were such that these will not affect the search results on a broader horizon but will affect the branded search.    

Google search liaison june 7 update
Google search liaison june 7 update

Sub Domains are Root Domains 

The diversity update has also changed the meaning of root domains and sub-domains in the online search world. Google has now made it pretty clear that “Sub-Domains will be an integral part of the Root Domains.” this means, listings will be considered as same from one single site regardless of sub-domain or root domain. 

Google Official Twitter: Google Search Liason first announced that a new algorithm ‘June 2019 Core Update’ will soon be rolling out in various countries and then not long enough from this announcement, the same account declared that the update is finally rolled out. 

This broad core update is having a huge effect on Search Engine Result Pages ranking. Within a few months, the exact data can be generated on the impact of the update on SERP ranking as soon as it is compiled by algorithm trackers. With this update, ranking needs a new outlook and strategic planning. If you are seeking professional advice then www.webhooters.com can provide you insights that you need in order to improve your ranking according to the new algorithm. 

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