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The Ongoing Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behaviour

Pre COVID-19, the dependency of the end-user for making a final purchase was not alone inclined towards online reach. However, now times are such, consumer behaviour has seen a change in terms of what they search, when they search, and how they search. And the answer to where they search can be sorted in one single word – ONLINE!

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 has fatally impacted life across the globe. It has hit businesses hard in terms of revenue, operations, and marketing. It has not changed the scope of running a business alone. But, it has also changed the way consumers connect with a business nowadays. Indeed, the COVID-19 impact has taken a toll on the buying behaviour of the consumer which is congruent to online search results. Let us find out how!

COVID-19 Impact on Google Consumer Search Results:


  • The pandemic aces the search trend!

2020 is dominated by Coronavirus in all aspects; including Google search. The COVID-19 related searches are transcending all other popular searches such as news, politics, and Social Media Apps – Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat. The hike in these searches has led to the creation of Google Trends Coronavirus Hub to keep track of the developing news and trends related to coronavirus. As a marketer, you should know how to use the trend to your best advantage. Also, Verizon stated, “20% week over week increase in web traffic.”

  • Change in the time pattern!

With almost everything coming to a standstill, our entire life pattern has changed. The pandemic has not only abnormally increased our internet consumption; be it for productive activities like work from home or for entertainment purposes as Whatsapp marks a 40% increase in usage

It has also changed the time of when we are searching. According to a survey, “people are spending 20% more time in apps.” Internet search at unlikely hours has spiked the rate of late-night searches. This is not only applicable to the industries directly impacted by Coronavirus but also the others. This change in the time pattern has also affected the ad placement. 

We have devised an infographic stating what people search the most and which industry has measured a decline in its search result or website visits. 

Impact of Coronavirus on Search Results
Impact of Coronavirus on Search Results
  • Drop in the Conversion Rate!

Although the hike in late-night searches might seem favourable, the truth is that the pandemic has hit the psyche of the consumers hard. A drop of 10-25% in the conversion rate of the ads is noted at late hours. The evening hours coinciding with peak search hours bring no good news either. The conversion rate is 30% less than it would otherwise be. This might be a chance to brainstorm what went wrong with the marketing strategy. As search results are increasing but conversion rates are witnessing a constant drop.  

The Impact of COVID-19 on SEO Strategy

The physical impact is the sole reason for the spread of this virus. Therefore, it has led to the change in the buying behaviour of the consumer: inclined towards online purchases. This means the dependency on the internet has increased and companies need to focus more on targeting their end-user digitally than ever before. 

Customer is the focal point of any business, whether it is online or offline, reaching the end-user to the objective. In business, you can change your strategies but the end goal remains the same. This ideology applies the best during these uncertain times. And SEO, being a better option than paid ads is a perfect tool to integrate into the business.  

To minimise the COVID-19 impact on SEO, here is a list of things you need to add to your SEO strategy based on the dynamics of your business: 

  • Use high-resolution product images: 

People buy what they see. Therefore, regardless of applying the SEO strategies well, if your product images are not of great quality, you will not be able to build that connection with your customer. 

  • Think of unique title tags for product website pages

Customers shopping online use unique keywords to generate results for what they are looking for. Therefore, before creating title tags, think like the end-user and add these keywords for better search results. Remember to use this unique set of keywords at the beginning of the title tag as the search engine put more importance on the first key phrases. 

  • Create a separate web page on COVID-19 information

According to Forrester, trust is the only factor of the success metrics during COVID-19. Therefore, the more information you provide about COVID-19, how it has impacted your business, and how you are there for your customers will help you in building a digital presence. Your SEO strategy should not be speaking out loud about your business alone but should also showcase why you care about your customers during Coronavirus.

  • Update information about your business on Google 

Putting your business on Google page gives you the leverage of digital presence. However, this is the time to constantly update the information to stay connected with customers. Your working hours, are you open for the day, updating contact numbers, and in case of delivery: working hours, contact person details, and delivery locations should be updated daily.  

  • Provide content which is relevant, true, and engaging

According to research, brands that put relevant and correct information on their websites aid consumers to purchase 131% more in comparison to just branding. Therefore, your SEO needs to be more about displaying the facts and less about marketing. Facebook and Instagram live videos are examples of genuinely connecting with your audience with the utmost authenticity. According to Facebook, “Instagram and Facebook live videos receive 3x higher engagement than pre-recorded videos.”  This means SEO needs to be parallel with effective video marketing to maximise a brand’s reach.  

What’s the ultimate solution? 

We might be able to generate more web traffic now but the conversion rate isn’t happening at a faster rate. This means the current marketing strategy needs to be around reaching the maximum users during the lockdown phase. And once everything is back to normal, we need to devise a unique digital marketing strategy to convert these website visits into customers. However, this can only be possible if we open the power corridor of marketing to accelerate online traffic while keeping the cost parameter in mind. Therefore, getting in touch with WebHooters is a wise decision in regards to the digital presence your business needs during and post COVID-19 pandemic. We being awarded and ranked as the top digital marketing agency 2020 know better what needs to be done & how during these crucial times.  

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