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How the Ecommerce Industry transitions post 2020

The New Normal for Ecommerce Industry

Ecommerce is the most revolutionary industry as most sectors rely on how it is going to impact them regardless of performing phenomenally in the offline world. As per research, there are more than 2 billion online customers (buyers) across the world. This number is huge and is accelerating daily. This means online selling is a stunning option for businesses across the globe. Alone in the year 2019, the global e-retail revenue was 3.5 trillion dollars approximately.

These statistics are a foundation stone in comprehending the importance of eCommerce in the coming year. Despite being affected by the pandemic in the year 2020, eCommerce is an industry ready to embrace the new normal and recurring changes in the purchased domain worldwide. E-commerce in 2020 has experienced shifts that were unexpected yet highly needed.

Here is a list of trends that the E-commerce industry needs to embrace in the future:

  • Mobile will be the centrifugal force of the E-commerce industry

As per a survey, buyers prefer mobile over a desktop/PC to buy things online. There was a time when customers glued to their desktop screens to make an E-commerce purchase successful. However, with the changing trends, now more than 50% of online buyers shop through smartphones while sitting at home. Remember, today, online business is not about customers alone but it has shifted to delivering the same experience with ease on devices that online buyers are most comfortable with.

  • Video marketing is trending

An E-commerce website needs to harness the power of videography to be successful in the coming years. As reaching customers is not the end goal of business now but creating a virtual impact is. As per research, more than 60% of online buyers prefer watching a video of products and services over written product descriptions. This change could be because of the increasing usage of social media platforms and the experience they deliver to customers in video forms.
Therefore, anchoring your marketing strategies and e-commerce platform with engaging videos will aid your online business in 2020 and beyond.

  • Customization is a pillar of e-commerce success

The e-commerce brands majorly focus on intensifying the shopping experience for their buyers. There are technologies today that help brands understand consumer behaviour, tastes, preferences, and buying influence. These parameters aid brands to constantly add personal tinge to their marketing strategies and eCommerce window. Companies with customized eCommerce website design and development ensure they reach the end-users to deliver what they are looking for. To back this us with research, more than 45% of online buyers shop with more money than expected with an e-retailer company that delivers personalized shopping experience.

  • User experience matters the most

Regardless of the business platform, user experience ensures the growth of any business. According to research, more than 80% of eCommerce businesses fail to deliver satisfactory user experience through their websites. The four major reasons are:

  • Online buyers do not understand how to use your website
  • The navigation of the website is super complex
  • What the website has to offer is not clear to the buyers
  • It takes ages to load your website

According to the Digital Commerce 360 survey, shipping cost plays a crucial role in deciding which eCommerce brand one should buy from. The second factor that affects the user experience is the return policy of the brand. The delivery speed, estimated time of delivery, and the wide range of products on a website are the followed factors that affect the user experience. Apart from these, the UX trend you need to follow for eCommerce websites post 20202 are:

  • Clear CTA

The checkout process should be simple and easy
Be precise about the information during checkout
The flow of your service page

To Conclude:
The future of eCommerce seems more innovative and interactive than ever before. From voice search to the integration of AI technology, websites can enhance the overall experience they used to deliver till date. WebHooters being the best in the industry delivers success to the e-commerce arena by harnessing the virtual power of these trends to brands’ websites.

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