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Is Artificial Intelligence Opening New gates in the Digital Marketing Domain?

Artificial Intelligence has introduced us to the dawn of a new era. It has made the machines smarter and independent. Artificial Intelligence has been estimated to be used fully in almost all the fields in the near future including the Digital Marketing. However, before understanding how AI can open new gates in the digital marketing orbit, we need to make certain, we understand the term deeply.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The birth of Artificial Intelligence took place in the year 1950, where Alan M – The English Mathematician wanted to create an analogy for machines to match up with the performance of humans in terms of reaction, gaining knowledge, and answering in the smartest way. Artificial Intelligence is connecting knowledge directly with the machines. It is basically a field of science that makes the machines think and aids them in making new connections with the unlimited knowledge they have or with what they can interpret according to the message they receive.

How Artificial Intelligence Has A Connection with Digital Marketing?

User Experience will Outshine:

A Great User Experience is the one which allows the audience to come directly to your website for any query related to the niche of your business. With the integration of AI and Digital Marketing, machines are now fully equipped to understand the buying behaviour of humans and act accordingly. It has also introduced us to the world in which direct answers are given by the machines for a query that humans have punched in. The most interesting element of user experience that has made humans come a little closer to AI is The Chat-bots. For the very first time, 56% of people communicate with various companies by the help of Chat-bots. With convenience, it also brings the ease of connecting with the audience without conducting any human error.

Amazing Return on Investment:

A high-level image recognition is what is used by Artificial Intelligence for online payment gateways. Hence, this is considered to be a great element in terms of online payment procedures. This is not just limited to making the entire process faster, but, also ensures the security of the customer while making the payment virtually. Therefore, due to AI, the human-machine interaction has enhanced overall and in return, has provided great ROI.

Search Results Become Better:

As humans, search periods have become effective with time. Also, it has lead to a lot of confusion while seeking for the appropriate answer. However, with the integration of AI with various digital platforms, the search process has become more productive and convenient. This is because the AI understands the human behaviour in a better sense and helps track the future decisions and web behaviours of the humans. Furthermore, this accurate anticipation of human behaviour has lead to an increase in the usage of apt and acceptable keywords.

Effective Advertising Process:

Advertising is essential for business as branding is what connects the user with the business. However, most of the times the users receive advertisements that do not interest them at all. As AI is known for predicting user behaviour, brands can now produce advertisements that are related to their targeted audience behaviour and preferences. Due to this, the ads that do not interest your audience will be sidelined automatically.

Simply put, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Internet of Things have made the user interface simpler, quicker, and productive which has in return provided productive and effective results in the digital marketing field.

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