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Is Google Revolutionizing Its Branding Platform?

A new update has stated regarding Google AdWords – From 24th July 2018, Google AdWords will no more be the same, in fact, it will be the all-new “Google Ads”. Does it mean that everything related to Google AdWords is Changing? Will this affect the analogy of Google Adwords? Well, if these questions are worrisome for you as well, then you ought to know everything about what is changing.

As per Google, Google Adwords clients will now be able to see a new logo and the new brand name for Google Ads from 24th July 2018 onwards on various platforms – website, help desk, and billing center.

The login procedure has also changed a bit. A Google Adwords User will not be able to log in to adwords.google.com anymore, instead, he will now directly login to ads.google.com. However, this change will not affect the achievements, performance, and working of your campaign.

The Era of Smart Ads has Just Begun!

By simplifying the Google branding system, now businesses can easily reach their audience by providing a valuable solution to what they are looking for. It is an effective integrated solution for Google Adwords and the tools that every business need to attract clients online.

Something amazing is going to appear for small business houses in the new Google Ads branding as more than 85% of small business owners agree that their aim of marketing business online is to attract customers, get maximum calls per day, making the final purchase, or making the customers visit the business place in person.

The creation of the campaigns with the integration of Smart Ads will help in selecting those goals easily that define your business effectively. Another flawless benefit of Smart Ads – choose a plethora of goals for your business, on the basis of which, Google will fabricate a marketing plan for you to attract the maximum number of audience on various online platforms.   

Also, Smart Ads come with the option of image attachment. Now, attach images that attract your customers online along with Google your text ad.

The World is All Set to Engage with The New Google Brands!

With this revolutionary change, the world is expecting three new Google brands to work with:

Google Ads: The new brand name for Google Adwords. It will have everything that Google Adwords had and much more than that. Apart from Google Adwords Features – Search Network, Video Ads, and Display Networks, it will use the tools that will attract the audience online in an effective way. Along with these, machine learning and automation are the new segments attached for better results.

Google Ads Manager: Google Ads Manager has integrated two tools that are mostly used – Doubleclick for Publishers and Doubleclick Ad Exchange. This will aid advertisers to attract people on various platforms (gaming, TVs, live streams, Apple News, applications and much more). Soon you will experience Ad manager being reflected by existing Doubleclick junctions.

Google Marketing Platform: this is the only platform that lets you plan, purchase, calculate, and upgrade digital media and consumer experience altogether. This platform will have Doubleclick advertiser network and Google Analytics 360 integrated into one feature. This will help marketing teams all around the globe as they use both the features for better results and understanding.   

From 24th July onwards, a lot of third-party services will be available for better marketing and above the Google Product lists, you will find them easily. So, to know more, ensure to keep an eye on the release date!


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