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It is time to fuel your business strategies with these unique marketing innovations of 2020

Brands need to fasten their marketing seat belts for the coming year with these revolutionary marketing trends and innovation – 2020. 

With the inception of Coronavirus in the year 2020, e-Commerce and digital marketing trends have changed enormously. While experiencing bizarre situations in the past nine months, this year has given us a mix of highs and lows to cherish for a long time. However, before it ends, let us prepare for the coming period in advance so that our businesses can grow immensely in the digital sphere by leveraging the new normal norms all around the globe. 

Regardless of the industry, your business falls in, the importance of digital marketing cannot be ignored. Almost a decade ago, it was enough to have a website and a social media page to make your business successful digitally. But, now the dynamics of the digital world have diversified beyond these two. So, if you do not evolve the digital marketing strategies for your business, later or sooner you will go out of business for sure. 

Here we are together going to explore the top three unique Marketing Trends and Innovation in 2020 that can aid your business in the digital age in the coming years. 

  • It is the Chatbot Revolution: 

There is no secret that automation technologies have given businesses new goals to achieve, from Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, to Machine Learning marketers are investing and exploring beyond measures to make businesses a digital hit. As per a survey, Chatbots alone will aid retailers worldwide to cut their expenses by approximately $400 billion annually, and the sales revenue through this technology will reach approximately $110 billion by the year 2023. Also, research conducted by Tidio, more than 40% of consumers prefer to communicate virtually with Chatbots rather than calling customer service of a particular brand. This is simply because Chatbots are available 24 hours, they deliver instant solutions to customer problems, and an easier and a better way of communication in real-time.  

  • Nothing Stands Out like Video Marketing

Content has always been the king for businesses regardless of the marketing platform. Today, undoubtedly, video content is the most trending marketing innovation and it is going to stay this way for long. A video alone enhances customer engagement and increases the attention span like a magnet. There are a lot of ways in which video marketing can be done for brands – storytelling, product descriptions, tutorials, etc.

As humans, we are more attracted to stuff that delivers a visual effect rather than reading an entire post. For most brands, written content does not perform as well as video content as it is time-consuming. Therefore, it is time to grill your marketing strategy around videos to ensure your brand sees tremendous growth.  

  • Influencer Partnerships are Trending: 

Harnessing the power of influencers to marketing strategies increases the rate of engagement between a brand and its potential customers beyond measures. The State of Influence Marketing 2019 cites, “more than 70% of beauty brands had decided to collaborate with influencers in 2020 and the coming years the number is expected to rise”. There are four types of influencers that any business should consider for marketing purposes: 

  • Mid-Tier Influencers
  • Micro-Influencers
  • Mega Influencers
  • All-Star Influencers

Communicating a brand’s message through a well-known celebrity or a popular face can have a positive effect on the digital engagement between brands and customers on various platforms. 

Final Thoughts: 

Amongst all other marketing innovation trends that are the talk of the town in the year 2020, these three falls under the category: ‘do not miss’. Like every brand has a different foundation, similarly, the marketing strategy for each has to be exclusive and well thought. To build a bulletproof marketing strategy for the next year, you should get in touch with the top marketing agency awarded by Clutch – WebHooters. 

Mahima Chawla

We are a digital agency that offers best-in class design, development, and digital marketing services to our clients. We work in a digital shell to shape our clients businesses on various online platforms. We build digital solution to ensure capturing the present virtual audiences and attracting new customers by positioning digital visibility for stellar brands with our imaginative flair and turning these magnificent online numbers into profits. We are a digital orbit of young minds, who love to ignite digital solutions for our clients by executing marketing strategies to procure business objectives.

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