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Omnichannel Marketing: What is it and Why you need it?

Combining the content and customer interaction on all platforms develops well-rounded customer relationship management. Omnichannel marketing is the method of implementing multiple channels with the same message in order to provide a comprehensive customer journey. We will talk about what omnichannel marketing is and how you can implement it for your brand in detail in the following sections:

Omnichannel Marketing ensures an integrated experience for your consumers.

86% consumers confess to regularly switching channels while shopping. That creates a problem for marketers while competing for their attention. Especially since the digital marketing methods are turning more personalized and conversational. Brands are now present on multiple channels to assist customers and make the products available easily. But when using multi-channel marketing, it is also crucial to have an omnichannel structure. That’s too much jargon, right? Let’s break things down to the basics. Multichannel marketing is the method where the conversation starts with the company and moves outward to other channels. That means the information that is available on the company’s website is further shared on their social media handles, review pages and other digital platforms. Omnichannel marketing method starts with the consumer and is based on interactions between channels. It is necessarily an integrated multi-medium sales approach that creates a unified customer experience

Brands use both digital and traditional marketing channels to create the omnichannel structure for their consumers. That includes interaction in a physical store, via SMS, through online websites or social media. The content of every information provided on each of those fonts needs to be aligned and integrated. This makes the consumer experience consistent and complementary. 

Now that you know what Omnichannel marketing is, here’s how you can achieve it on your platforms: 

  • Plan the Platforms 

Digital marketing has broken the conversation wall between brands and consumers. Content marketing has deepened the accessibility of products and services in a never-seen-before way. You have to understand the platforms your consumers are mostly active on and you have to be present on those particular platforms. Further, you have to track their behavior on those platforms in order to provide them with an experience that would be most beneficial. It is crucial for brands to be active on social media for that purpose. Digital platforms are easily trackable and customizable to serve the needs of your consumers. 

  • Content is King

You must have heard this slogan before. And it is very true. Content marketing is rapidly gaining popularity as the audience is engaged in learning more about brands and services. But content without context amounts to nothing. You have to know the type of content your customers are consuming and you have to provide them with something similar. Your content needs to be integrated overall platforms for easier understanding. The tone you have on your website is what you will carry across all digital platforms, extending to your physical stores as well. There should not be gaps between various mediums. 

  • A Centralized Database for Information

A central server for all data is very important. Data dedicated to each individual consumer needs to be stored at one particular place. That includes website content, online communication via forums or chat box, social media messages, mobile marketing, physical store interactions and finally, purchases. This systemized database goes a long way in customer relationship management and personalization of consumer engagement. Consumers these days are smart and prefer investing in brands that serve their identity. You can stand out of the crowd by engaging with your consumers on a personal level, going back to their previous history with your business and providing recommendations based on their purchase behaviour. 

  • Inter-departmental Coordination

This is one of the biggest challenges of omnichannel marketing. An organisation has various departments: sales, product development, marketing, PR, customer relations and more. All those departments function independently for most parts. However, having a track of developments in each department and integrating them for marketing purposes definitely helps in retaining and gaining customers. It is typically the task of the client manager to integrate those departments but you can choose to do it differently. The point is to coordinate all departments to provide the consumers with an all-rounded shopping experience. 

  • Final Feedback

Brands that make consumers a part of their marketing strategy design process tend to have a better relationship with them. Collect regular feedback from your consumers. Reward them with gifts or discounts upon filling up an online survey. Reach out to them personally via calls or social media. Twitter has worked as a great feedback platform for several brands in the past. You just need to make your customers feel they are important. Also, some feedback by consumers can tend to be valuable developments to your sales and marketing campaigns. After all, consumers know the best about what they want from your brand. 

Omnichannel marketing is becoming increasingly crucial in the modern-age marketing scenario. It takes up energy and resources initially but proves to be beneficial in the long run. The omnichannel marketing structure removes a pre-existing communication barrier between brands and consumers. It builds brand loyalty and improves sales. However, we understand that it can be tedious. 

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