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Pinterest Statistics That Marketers Should Know!

As business marketers, we hear and leap into discrete marketing strategies that will help us to showcase our business potential on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, most of us neglect the second most vital platform that can help us generate twice the audience response of what we are actually generating today. Yes! None other than Pinterest amongst all the social media platforms gives the freedom to maximize business on a big social dais as it is created with a unique approach which is ‘an image-based approach’.

Do not be mistaken; it is nothing like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Here is the Answer, why?

  • The Pinterest user base is a mixture of 41% and 16% – women and men respectively
  • 84% audience is amongst the 18-64 age group
  • Even 31% of the sub-urban sphere has its presence on Pinterest
  • Pinterest Reach is commendable in the US – 70% mothers and 33% fathers
  • This image-based social networking site is also used by 55% of the users to make purchases
  • Pinterest also influences purchase decisions of 99% pinners every week
  • 70% of pinners click, save or search about a pin

re Women Your Targeted Audience?

As mentioned above, 41% of women are on Pinterest and if your business is women-oriented then marketing it on this platform is a must. Boards related to anything and everything are available on this image-based website. From decor to gaming, nothing has been left untouched. In fact, another study shows that amongst the new active users, 40% are men. Now this piece of information makes it more crucial to target both the gender segments for marketing purposes. Women use Pinterest to inspire their thoughts and actions but on the other hand, men use Pinterest for making purchases and finding the stuff related to their hobbies and interest.

What is Your Marketing Medium – Desktop or Mobile?

More than 93% of people look for something relative to their taste and style for making purchases and with such a huge number, it is a great online platform for businesses to advertise products and services. In fact, a mobile phone is what you need to consider when using Pinterest for marketing as more than 80% of searches happen through the mobile application.

Do It Yourself…What is That!

Pinterest is the right platform to showcase your creativity and to enhance your imagination. Right from makeup tutorials to gardening, Pinterest is flooded with DIY blogs and images. Engaging with brands like people do it on other social media platforms is not the essence of Pinterest and that is what makes it the second most popular social media platform.

Following are some Pinterest pointers that you need to remember for business marketing:

Vertical Or Horizontal Images:

The Pinterest Images that are narrow and long get repinned frequently.

Create A Suitable Link:

Fortunately, any image that you post on Pinterest provides two platforms to add relevant links to your blog or website – one in the description section and another one in the source of the pin.

Create Pins to Your Blogs:

Adding pins to your blogs is extremely simple and it is a great idea for getting maximum repins. To create pins open https://business.pinterest.com/en/pinterest-widget-builder#do_embed_pin

Sharing Pins:

Once the pins and board have been created, sharing them on various social media platforms is essential.

Rich Pins:

Currently, on Pinterest, we have 6 types of Rich Pins. In fact, in a day, more than 13 million articles are pinned.

WebHooters hope this will help you in figuring out some ways to market the business on Pinterest.


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