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Strong Women with Stronger Willpower

A brief history.
International Women’s Day might have gained more popularity in the recent future, but it is not a new concept. IWD is celebrated on the 8th of March every year, starting back from 1917. The movement was largely socialist and communist-dominated until it was recognized as a feminist movement in 1967. Officially, it became a day of celebration designated by the United Nations in 1977. 

IWD now.
Some countries like Afghanistan, Russia and Vietnam recognize Women’s day as a national holiday. However, there are still many nations across the globe who ignore International Women’s Day as a celebration. Irrespective of whether the day is prominent or not, IWD has a lot of importance in modern-age feminism. This is a moment to recognize and appreciate the strength and uniqueness women bring to every table- at home or in the workplace. 

Being an organization started and supported by a team of wonderful women, we are taking this opportunity to share the vision and work of three inspiring women. Being an entrepreneur in today’s world is a difficult task. Needless to say, it is especially tough when you are a woman because it takes a lot of time, courage and resources to break traditional gender norms and establish a company.
We present before you, three strong women who had even stronger willpower. 

1. Smriti Singh. Co-founder, Pebbles Corporate Consulting

Pebbles Corporate Consulting is an upcoming talent acquisition company in India. What’s so unique about the organization? The company will integrate the revolutionary concept of 4 working days or 5-6 hours of the workday. Doesn’t that sound like an organization you would like to be associated with?

Co-Founder Smriti Singh believes that the 24/7 hustle culture that is considered as a requirement to be successful has to come to an end. “It has been and still is absolutely unnecessary and unproductive. The choice is ours- we can either be burnouts at 40 or lifetime achievers through adopting a fruitful work-life balance”, says Smriti. 

She is maintaining the quality of productivity and work produced by her organization by keeping a limited number of clients at any point in time. That allows her employees to stay more focused and give their best results. Pebbles consulting also has a tie-up with Women Entrepreneur Network- one of the largest growing marketplaces that encourages more “wen-preneurs”, or recruitment professionals who want to start/ restart their careers. The network of WEN currently includes 200 plus freelance recruiting women geographically spread all across India.  The company’s vision is to create more work opportunities for women on break. 

2. Ruchita. Founder and Chef, RUCH BYTES- The Home Kitchen

Cooking was one skill that everyone had to learn, some people even mastered, during the pandemic. However, the case for Ruchita was a little different. Ruchita travelled between Bahrain, Oman and Vietnam for 14 years beside her husband and came back to India in mid-2018. Even though she had a stellar background in corporate marketing, her 14 years of work break proved to be a struggle while landing a new job. She is still trying to rejoin the corporate world after all this time, but in the middle of the hardships, she created something she was passionate about. A home cooking business. 

“When the pandemic hit I finally took the plunge and decided to do what made me happy. It was to follow my passion for cooking. So a homemaker like me became a self-styled chef and started my own food business from my home under the name of  RUCH BYTES – The home kitchen” – Ruchita

She had continued to cultivate her passion throughout the years by conducting Indian food recipe workshops and writing “Recipe of the Month” columns in leading lifestyle magazines in Vietnam. Currently, she is working on maintaining the high standards of safety and hygiene required in the F&B Industry due to the pandemic. RUCH BYTES is 7 months old and is growing at a steady pace. So, if you are craving some home-style North Indian food or want to cater freshly cooked meals during a party, pre-order now! 

3. Mahima Chawla. Founder and CEO, WebHooters

Mahima Chawla started the organization “WebHooters” in 2015 after gaining real-world experience in the growing domain of digital marketing. She continues to identify herself as a marketer and entrepreneur by choice. Her digital marketing boutique offers a varied range of services starting from initial audits to SEO analysis and complete website designing. Since the initiation of the organization, she has worked with many emerging businesses to build their entire digital persona. 

“You must be wondering about the name “WebHooters”. Well, we are working on a vision that an owl has which is 360degree. We are a digital marketing outsource team for companies looking for a complete ensemble of marketing services”, says Mahima when asked about her organization. 

For Mahima, the most important part of this business is to be able to hold honest discussions with her clients. She believes that the best results bloom from joint brainstorming and ideation. Which is why, she ensures to stay engaged with her clients and employees alike so that everyone is happy with the work process and the results. She is a fan of questions- be it asking or answering! 

So, drop her a line today at our contact page to launch your business into the digital world. 

WebHooters is a feminist organization that constantly acknowledges and appreciates the work women have done throughout history, and are continuing doing now to ensure equality amongst genders. We house a really good mix of staff that ensures diversity in ideas and opinions. However, we stand together on the matter of equality and healthy work culture in the work place. Wishing all the women out there a very Happy Women’s Day!

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