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The Dynamics of The New Google May 2020 Core Update

As the global pandemic has stopped the pace of the world altogether, Google doesn’t seem to rest at all. With a tweet, Google announced its latest core update on the 4th of May,2020. This update is a game-changer because Google announced its previous core update in January 2020. This is pretty soon, right! Undoubtedly, Google is known for updating algorithms regularly, but core Google updates don’t seem to be the talk of the town frequently, especially, twice a year.

google update may 2020
Google update May 2020

The Google Core Update: 

Small algorithm updates that are done daily by Google to provide a searcher a seamless experience, are mostly related to search objectives and website attributes. Whereas, core updates focus on the quality of the content on the websites and hyperlinks that one uses. The magnitude of the encounter of Google Core updates like Hummingbird, Panda, Pigeon, Penguin, etc. on a website cannot be standardized – its scope is dynamic. 

The impact of Google update 2020 is such that the content for numerous sites that had lower-ranking before the update, may rank better on Google if the quality aligns right with the latest rules of the algorithm. And the opposite can happen too. 

COVID-19 is The Driving Force Behind The New Google Update

COVID-19 has changed the nitty-gritty of the business world. And this change was analyzed by Google which in turn opened the gate for the May 2020 core update.

New Google Update

With this update, Google has announced that it will take a few days to understand the effects of the same on business and search results. However, until then, it is not easy to sit tight for companies especially when already COVID-19 is causing so much trouble – economically, socially, and culturally. 

The Impact of Google Update 2020 on Various Industries 

According to a survey conducted by SEMRush following are the most impacted sectors. Amongst these, four different types of segments are affected the most:

  • Health and Wellness related websites
  • Numerous language websites integrated altogether
  • Rolling out across nations
  • Local search businesses
Impact of Google Update 2020
Impact of Google Update 2020

Are updates targeting specific industries?  

  • Google never rolls out any core update that specifically targets any type of industry. 
  • However, a change in the Google core update can lead to affect one industry more than any other. This is not intentional – this might happen because the rules of that industry do not collaborate with the rules of the new Google update algorithm. 
  • Google core updates are strongly affecting search queries in terms of what website is all about and are the web pages relevant according to the search intent? 
  • If Google updates decide that searches related to health will only showcase natural remedies then websites with scientific content may get affected the most. 

The Influence of The Update on The Search Engine Optimization

From digital platforms to discussion forums, the SEO community has a lot to say about the May 2020 update. Some claim that 90% of their organic traffic was affected adversely due to the introduction of this update. On the other hand, some claim, their business benefited from it. Click here to read the discussions related to SEO update 2020 and its impact on sites integrated with SEO.

Google update is inclined towards quality than quantity

Google is known for ranking websites that provide quality content and can justify the search query aptly. This update ensures the websites that have a low-rank quality revamp the quality of their content to feature on the first ranking page of Google.however, remember it is not just the quality alone that is a measurable attribute for higher ranking on Google but relevant content is what matters the most. 

Also, the link signal is another element that Google decides to comprehend the popularity aspect of the website along with its relevance to search queries. Therefore, a website should have content that satisfies the search query of the end-user and this satisfaction rate is what is measured by the Google May 2020 Core Update. 

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It takes blood and sweat to create a strong business foundation both digitally and physically. Therefore, sites that have been affected negatively due to the update need immediate rectification. Even a few seconds delay may cause your business tonnes of money. Therefore, WebHooters is all you need right now as we understand the nuances of SEO, Content, Website Delivery, Search Intent, Connection between the website and the end-user. This is the sole reason for being awarded as the top digital agency for 2019 by Clutch.

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