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The Marketing Mix Strategy Trends 2019 You Ought to Incorporate in Your Business!

The marketing landscape has become more complex than ever before. Marketers today need to be up-to-date and have a keen eye on the changes made in the online world. More than the logical approach, the creative and critical thoroughfare is what is expected by the marketers.

With the wavering world, the marketing segment is also modifying. Today, almost everything is digital – entertainment, health, real estate, banking, shopping…doctor on call. With such a huge advancement in the technological world, expecting companies to stay offline would be such a huge mistake. Companies are taking the big leap and jumping into the digital sphere for marketing their product and services to capture the attention span of their target markets.

However, being seen on various digital platforms is not just enough. Companies – big or small need to update their marketing strategies according to the latest market trends otherwise, nothing exclusive will be generated. Today, if you do not know how to master the art of social media marketing then your company may suffer a huge loss in terms of revenue and consumer base (you cannot afford to lose such huge numbers) According to a survey, today the world has 3.3 billion active social media users.

Here are some valuable insights regarding what future marketing will unwrap for companies:

Beyond 4Ps:

Pick any textbook today regarding marketing and you will see every famous marketer sharing insights regarding 4Ps – Product, Price, Place, Promotion. However, this marketing funnel has now changed. It is more like a wheel today which has customers as the integral cog. Marketers have closely studied what customers want and have drawn a finite conclusion which has 4Es – Engagement, Exclusivity, Experience, and Emotion.

Consumers connect emotions to brands and products and that is why for brands, the experience is now the new focal point. If the marketers know what to fetch beyond 4Ps to standout, the first question should not be what to sell or how to sell – it should be WHY!

Artificial Intelligence – Gifting Brands Customer Attention

According to a study conducted by Blueshift, “ Marketers have started using AI and have experienced an exponential increase in usage –

  • 43% Audience Expansion
  • 39% Audience Targeting
  • 28% Product Recommendations
  • 26% Campaign Optimization

Moreover, 55% of companies have mentioned that their operational model is changing due to the change in the marketing realm. For savvy marketers, AI has made assessing the customers easier – how they feel, what are they saying, and what thoughts they have when they hear or see a brand. Once this data is generated in real-time, digital marketing agencies can spread their message and upgrade their current advertisements to get paramount results. The integration of AI in the marketing segment has helped companies deliver the right message at the right time to the right target audience.

Personalized Email Marketing:

Email has been in the running of a company’s marketing from centuries. However, the content of the same has revolutionized with the passing years – if the information is not personalized then chances are, customers may leave the website. Today, the marketers can deliver different content to different subscribers based on their choice of content they enroll with. The tinge of personalization makes an email more effective. In fact, personalization is not just limited to emails; it should be an integral part of all marketing forces.

The Magic of Videos:

According to a research, in the year 2019, consumers are going to spend a lot of time watching smartphone videos, this has given the marketers an added advantage and now the investment for the same is expected to be $20 billion – which was $2 billion in 2015. Also, by the year 2021 arrives, 82% of traffic will be generated by videos alone. Well, if you are a smart marketer, you will not wait for another two years to generate profit – You will start following this latest trend from today onwards.  

As the first quarter of the year has just begun, why still wait to see what fruitful results the old marketing strategy will yield. Follow these latest marketing trends and rise above average in your industry.

Mahima Chawla

We are a digital agency that offers best-in class design, development, and digital marketing services to our clients. We work in a digital shell to shape our clients businesses on various online platforms. We build digital solution to ensure capturing the present virtual audiences and attracting new customers by positioning digital visibility for stellar brands with our imaginative flair and turning these magnificent online numbers into profits. We are a digital orbit of young minds, who love to ignite digital solutions for our clients by executing marketing strategies to procure business objectives.

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One Reply to “The Marketing Mix Strategy Trends 2019 You Ought to Incorporate in Your Business!”

  1. Trends affect the market similar to how weather affect countries. Countries which experience four seasons would be affected by climate changes every few months and the people would have to adapt to the climate changes. Trends affect market in a similar way except it take years to change. When it does change, market change as well and companies would have to adapt to the changes. However, trend does not tell when it is going to change as it could change anytime. Therefore, it is important for companies to predict when the change would occur. Failure to do so would lead to companies being left behind in the market as the products would be outdated.

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