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Without any discussion, it is the job of businesses to keep a keen eye on what Google is up to regarding Search Engine Optimization. In the past few months, Google has made changes to SEO in such a way that it has directly affected the marketing campaigns online. SEO is one major factor that has a role in branding a product or showcasing the business online. From websites to social media posts, SEO is a part of everything and beyond. 

Are you a business owner? Are you a digital marketer? Are you a student who wants to understand the dynamics of Google SEO updates? Well, this blog is for everyone who knows what the right SEO strategy can do when implemented to business. Here is our infographic to showcase the importance of SEO in 2020. 

Below are the top five SEO2020 trends one needs to integrate into his business right away. 

The SERPs Vulnerability: The Search Engine Result Pages have become more dynamic. This means; an increase in the popularity of the feature of “People Also Ask” that was introduced in the year 2018, a percentage increase in ad share, a plethora of video range added to SERPs below the Google search engine text box, SEO2020 keywords are now preferred to be long-tail, no room for single marketing channels or strategies, and everything is about diversifying the business by thinking uniquely. 

The Paramount Importance of Keyword Search: Undoubtedly,  keyword research is an integral part of SEO which means, now position zero searches, also known as zero-click and rank zero snippets, are becoming popular. This means, without clicking on the website link, you get an answer to your query in the search page itself. A text or a voice keyword, the tool does not matter for ranking algorithms.

Voice Search Optimization is The Newest Trend: These VSEO statistics will make it clear why SEO is more about voice than text in Google SEO updates 2020:

  • By 2024, the global voice-based smart speaker market could be worth $30 billion.
  • 55% of teenagers are using voice search daily.
  • More than 20% of voice search queries are triggered by a combination of only 25 keywords
  • Grocery shopping accounts for more than 20% of voice-based orders. 
  • Voice-based shopping is expected to jump to $40 billion in 2022.
  • 60% of smartphone users have tried voice search at least once in the past 12 months.
  • Top 3 common keywords in voice search phrases are “how”, what” and “best”.

Google is known for  answering three types of questions: 

  • Questions that have direct answers: what is the capital of Australia? Canberra. 
  • Questions that have short answers: Name the planets we have in our solar system? 
  • Questions that have long answers: how to prepare a chocolate cake at home in a pan? 

2000+ Word Count Article to Feature for Better Google Ranking   

There is always a buzz regarding the length of the article. There is no harm in limiting the article content; however, if you want the article to rank well on Google, aim for 2000+ words. Undoubtedly, the more information you provide, the better your audience connects with you. It also gives you the leverage of mentioning (hyperlinking) various websites in the article, which in turn will result in backlinks your business needs to be visible to more and more customers. And we all know, backlinks are a serious kind of business if Google ranking is what matters the most for you – 91% of web pages are unable to generate organic traffic from Google, and the reason is, the lack of backlinks. 


Digital marketing is the backbone of any business and now, the companies are targeting its customer base with SEO rather than focusing their time, energy, and money on Price Per Click (PPC). Marketers have stated that they have seen better chances of conversion, traffic generation, and lead generation through SEO. According to Databox,70% of marketers state SEO more effective than PPC.” If you are looking for a long-term marketing strategy solution then SEO is your thing, otherwise, PPC is what you need to incorporate in your business.” 

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